symmatrix_t Struct Reference

symmetric matrix structure More...

#include <symmatrix.h>

Data Fields

int nrows
int ncols
double ** data

Detailed Description

symmetric matrix structure

Functions for symmetric (square) matrices including diagonal.

Supports the notion of non-square sub-matrices of a symmetric matrix, i.e. where |rows|<|cols| and the corresponding full matrix would be |cols|x|cols|

Instead of making this one big chunk of memory we keep pointers to pointers, so that we can easily realloc (the project where this file originated from needed this for growing a "seed" matrix).

FIXME Allocating one big chunk of memory is probably much faster and also easier to maintain.

Field Documentation

stored data

indices range: [i][j-i] i<=j. use getvalue() and setvalue() instead of accessing directly
See also:
SymMatrixGetValue(), SymMatrixSetValue()

number of columns

number of rows

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