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int CalcClustalWeights (double **pdWeights_p, tree_t *prTree)
 Calculate "Clustal" weights from a tree.

Function Documentation

int CalcClustalWeights ( double **  pdWeights_p,
tree_t prTree 

Calculate "Clustal" weights from a tree.

FIXME see doc in muscle:clwwt.cpp

[out] pdWeights_p Will contain a weight for each leaf/sequence. Allocated here. User has to free
[in] prTree Tree to derive weights from
0 on success, non-zero otherwise
Largely copied from Muscle3.7: clwwt.cpp:CalcClustalWWeights()
FIXME Not sure if Muscle routines are most efficient here. Couldn't we do all this while traversing the tree and thereby safe time?
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